Paint Shop Pro Tutorial – Selective Coloring

This is an easy way in Paint Shop Pro to select one particular area of a graphic to re-color. As mentioned in my previous post, “Photo Expressions word art” you can recolor it easily by using the selection tool (S) in PSP. This tutorial was written in PSP X2, compatible with earlier versions.

Free Trial - Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro X3

Begin by opening a graphic image (my word art) in PSP …
Choose the selection tool (S) | rectangle | replace | feather 0 | Anti-alias checked
left click and drag out a selection around the part you want to change.

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial – Selective Coloring 

left click on the color area within the selection to get ‘marching ants’ around the word
Paint Shop Pro Tutorial – Selective Coloring

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial – Selective Coloring

Open the colorize tool (Shift + L) -
adjust settings to change the color

or use the Color Replacer Tool (in the tools menu) to paint your chosen foreground color onto the selection
Paint Shop Pro Tutorial – Selective Coloring

Paint Shop Pro Tutorial – Selective Coloring
you can even select individual letters to recolor

or use the Freehand Selection Tool to click & draw around irregular shapes that do not fit inside a rectangle
Paint Shop Pro Tutorial – Selective Coloring

proceed as instructed above.

Hope you learned something new! Be creative, have fun!



Ann June 11, 2011 at 7:59 PM  

I never used paint shop pro. I thought about getting that program once but I stuck with my photoshop elements.

vickie June 14, 2011 at 9:27 AM  

Ann, PS Elements is a great program too! Whatever you're used to, will keep you creating, and is fun ... that's the one for you. I started using PSP eleven years ago, so it's what I know best.

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